Fasting Together: Snacks and a Guest Writer!

Fasting Together: Snacks and a Guest Writer! Welcome to our series of Fasting Together, where we are sharing devotions and encouragement for every day in January! So, no matter WHEN you are fasting or WHAT type of fast you have chosen, you can jump in any time and feel welcome and blessed. You can also catch up on past posts, Preparation for a New Year,  Rebuild and Restore, ,Daniel Fsat Basics, Anoint your head, wash your face, When Fasting Turns Ugly and Is there POWER in Fasting? !

Sometimes the food on the Daniel Fast is so good we can forget we are fasting, and that can pose a problem. We are to eat a simple meal until we are partially satisfied or at the most, comfortably full, and get up and walk away.

But what about snacking? Is it allowed?

Today, my friend, Jaime Gibbs, is sharing an article from her blog, Like A Bubbling Brook. Jaime is very familiar with The Daniel Fast and has written many posts and articles about it. Please visit her site for encouragement and information about meal plans, recipes and even some great Daniel Fast Scripture cards you can print out! These are an awesome tool as is her Facebook page, be sure and browse around!

In this post, Jaime will share snacking ideas. Enjoy:

“Prove thy servants, I beseech thee, ten days; and let them give us pulse to eat, and water to drink.” Daniel 1:12

One of the many questions we receive about The Daniel Fast is, “Are snacks allowed?” And then, of course, “What can I have and how much?!”

Thankfully, they are. Enjoy our helpful list of ideas for Daniel Fast snacks! 

We realize that fasting is to be a sacrifice. When we embark on a fast where we abstain from food completely, naturally, we are not snacking then. With the Daniel Fast, it is a bit different. We are to be denying ourselves things that we love and are used to partaking of on a regular basis; such as, meats and dairy. But, we are not going completely without food. On the Daniel Fast, we can stay on it for a longer period of time, which is spiritually and physically beneficial.

Three small meals a day and two light snacks would be sufficient for most. If we eat all day long, even Daniel Fast approved foods; we would miss the point of the fast. We must remember that the purpose is to draw closer to God, to go without things that we treasure and then spend more time with our Lord.

Many times we do need something easy and light; for work, traveling, school or just too busy at home and you do not want to fix a full meal. For those times that you need a light snack or even a lighter meal, we have gathered some suggestions for you; and all are allowed on the Daniel Fast!  You can access the full list of snacks by continuing on to my blog, Like a Bubbling Brook by clicking here. Be sure and check out my Daniel Fast Scripture Cards available for printing!

I’m Jaime, the creator of Like a Bubbling Brook. I believe you can cultivate a beautiful life filled with contentment and peace instead of anxiety and stress. That’s why my site exists.

I’m also a pastor’s wife with a MA in ministry, and mom to two incredible boys.

Want to know more about my site and my grace story? It’s over here. Let’s connect!



Be sure and join us here at Hope in the Healing again tomorrow, and every day this month for scripture, encouragement, devotions and recipes. And if you haven’t purchased my book, The Daniel Fast Devotional, there is still plenty of time, go here





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