High Pockets, Haymakers and Flash

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Another great weekend of Revival By Design. We have been blessed to be busy with our ministry of endtime revival lately. Traveling most weekends, Thursday to Monday, we have been everywhere, man. Everywhere. This weekend we were at an Alabama District Conference Friday and Saturday and then privileged to minister for good friends in Madisonville, Kentucky on Sunday. More than that, the presence of God was in every single service and we not only ministered but were ministered to as well. God is so good. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. You will see why I say The Sweetheart is a good sport. Be blessed!

In almost 36 years of wedded bliss, The Sweetheart has always, always preferred me before himself. He has been a gentleman and yet, at the same time, assumed the masculine role of Helper, Handyman and Hero all at the same time.

Except for one day that stands out in particular to me.

The year was 1982.
The place? That is a story in itself.
In high school, The Sweetheart was not known by the title I have bestowed upon him. That would have been weird. He had several names in his Joe Cool days such as,
  • High Pockets (six-foot-two-152-pounds-soaking-wet-all-legs)

  • Haymaker. This was his CB handle. Back-in-the-day we didn’t have cell phones, texting, Facebook, twitter or Instagram. Say what?! A CB (Citizens Band radio) was the coolest thing around for a country boy. “Breaker, breaker, 1-9, this is Haymaker, anybody on?” The Haymaker handle came from the fact that this good-lookin’ guy could heave bales of hay over his head like they were empty cardboard boxes. (Be still my beating heart!)

  • Flash. Yeah. Flash. This High Pocket Haymaker was a pretty good photographer. Again, we are going back in time for some of you…before the digital age, before you could take 1,000 pictures on your cellphone and not worry about how much it would cost. We had something called film that DID cost and we had also had flashbulbs on less expensive cameras and flash attachments on his professional cameras. They didn’t come with a flash, that was something you purchased extra. Hence, the nickname.

Flash spent much of his high school days with the journalism and yearbook staff. He was the resident photographer at many, many events. He landed a job at a photo finishing lab known for their same-day-turn-around. This was a major big deal in the late 1970’s folks. Take your film into the store and come back and pick it up later that day. Huge.
High Pocket Haymaker Flash gets married and decided to open his own photo finishing lab in a neighboring town.

Big dreams, no money, big dreams.

High Pocket Haymaker Flash has a Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife who delights in helping him in his adventures and most every day you would find them developing film and handing out pictures to happy customers.
The first couple of weeks after the grand opening, Flash and his Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife were driving their orders back to his former employers’ store for developing while awaiting the arrival of a piece of equipment. The Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife was designated most days to make the 30 minute drive.
Now, Flash had a car that fit his name perfectly. For his graduation present his parents had bought him a brand new Camaro, firethorn red in color. Super cool. (I just happen to have a picture of it in his driveway.)
unnamed (2)
Flash, being the loving young newlywed husband that he was, gave the car to his Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife and bought himself a truck.

His Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife hated the truck.

She didn’t dislike it because it was a stick-shift. Her first car was a stick and Flash had taught her how to drive it when she was only 16. She wasn’t fond of the truck because it just wasn’t cute. But the car went fast. The car was red. The car turned heads and she was Cute, Adorable and Very Young.
We should pause here and catch up the reader to the fact that Flash and his Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife were married almost two years when they were blessed with a Blond-Hair-Blue-Eyed-Boy-Wonder that turned their world upside down in a very good way. The super cool Camaro would soon be replaced with something more practical but, for now, they still enjoyed feeling young and invincible. And the Blond-Hair-Blue-Eyed-Boy-Wonder was staying with my good friend, The-World’s-Best-Babysitter.

high pockets

So back to the first two weeks of owning the new business…Flash has the order all ready to take north and his Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife is all set to jump in her super cool car and start the journey. But Flash decides she should take his truck, for reasons that this writer, who has aged 33 years since then, cannot remember. Still, he was insistent and even though she protested because she detested driving the truck, and hadn’t learned how to pout and get her way, grabbed the keys and jumped in the little Nissan.
Heading down the four-lane highway in the town where they had their business, Flash’s Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife had not gone far when an elderly lady in a tank pulls out in front of her. There was no time, people, no time at all to even think of finding a way out. All she remembers is a loud crash and pain. Lots of pain.
The Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife jumps out of the truck because she thought it was on fire (just the radiator ma’am) and takes two steps before she collapses in the arms of the leader of the Hells Angels, her knight-in-shining-armor and the only soul on the highway who stopped to help. He picks her up and sets her back inside the truck telling her to wait for the ambulance. (I am not making this up!)

unnamed (3)

Well, that shouldn’t take long. Where does this accident take place you ask? Directly in front of the town hospital; and even then, all of those years ago, someone brighter than me and you decided that sending an ambulance to their front yard made more sense than the policeman just pulling in the driveway with the injured. Go figure.
In the Emergency Room all is a blur. There is blood everywhere but we deduce that it is all from a lost front tooth that met hard with the steering wheel. The doctor was convinced both legs were broken from the impact and they were preparing for x-rays. The nurse wanted to call Flash to come but the Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife knew he couldn’t leave the lab. There were no other employees at the time, Flash was all alone. Yet, the nurse insisted because she thought the injuries were severe enough that someone should be there. She dialed the number but handed the phone to the Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife and the conversation went something like this:

Flash: Photo Finish, how may I help you?

Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife: I’ve been in an accident and haven’t made it to the lab yet. Can you come?

Flash: I don’t have time for jokes, I’m very busy. Where are you and why aren’t you there?

Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife: I said I’ve had a wreck! I’m at the hospital now and they want you to come!

Flash: Listen, I’m glad you think we have time for humor but I am swamped now get going and call me when you are ready to head back.

Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife: But Flash, I’m really hurt, they think I’ve broken both my legs!

This is when my opinion of the nursing profession soars and I envision one of my children with an RN and many other credentials after their birth name. She takes over and grabs the phone from me:

Nursing Professional with Domineering Personality: Mr. Flash? This is the hospital ER department. Your Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife has been in a terrible accident. We are preparing for x-rays on her legs immediately. I strongly suggest you get in your car right now and GET HERE. Did I make myself clear?

Flash: On my way.

Flash does come to the rescue of his Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife. Her legs, fortunately, were not broken, only badly bruised and traumatized. The next stop was the dentist’s office, after hours, to deaden the root of the lost tooth. The driver of the other car, who was in her late 80’s btw, was not injured, thankfully, and was very concerned about the Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife.

The moral of the story?

We disagree on that, the two of us.
Flash and his Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife learned many things that fateful day.
Flash lost his beloved little truck and his Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife talked him into a new family car.
His Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife was reminded of that painful day every time she looks in the mirror at the new tooth that just doesn’t seem to belong.
Flash continued to shoot weddings and Little League teams before he made his way into the world of air traffic control. But the most important thing is that he now wears the title of Hero and has never missed a chance to rescue his damsel-in-distress since that unforgettable day all of those years ago.
p.s. His Cute, Adorable and Very Young Wife had a CB handle too! I was his Sunshine. Of course!



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14 thoughts on “High Pockets, Haymakers and Flash

  1. lisasmith93

    I always love a great story…a little romance, a little action, happily ever after, Thanks for sharing!

    1. Candace Jo Post author

      Ha, that’s what I’m here for! Those are fun to write and easy when they are true. Thanks so much for visiting!

  2. Kelly Balarie

    Thank you for sharing this story. You tell it in such a fun way. Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.

    1. Candace Jo Post author

      Thanks Kelly! Blessings to you!

  3. Floyd

    I’m so glad I didn’t miss this! I so appreciate your perspective and love and respect for your man. I was also struck by the Good Samaritan… isn’t that how it works… the ones that most folks turn their noses down to are the ones to help first. Many, many lessons in this wonderful post!

    1. Candace Jo Post author

      Isn’t that the truth Floyd? He was the nicest guy and I remember in my frazzled state looking out at all the cars stopped because of the wreck and thinking he was my guardian angel. No one else even got out of their car! He stayed until the ambulance got there, lol, even though that was just a few minutes but he even gave his account to the police to make sure they knew it wasn’t my fault.

  4. Janice C. Johnson

    Okay, I just LOVE this story! Thanks for the giggles– controversial “moral” and all!
    –Jan (visiting from SDG)

    1. Candace Jo Post author

      Lol, you are welcome Janice and thanks so much for visiting! I’m just here for the laughs, ha. No, seriously I do write about Jesus too 🙂

  5. kristine

    Oh yes, I remember the days well! I had a CB handle, too. But we won’t talk about that. Heehee Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today!

  6. saleslady371

    I love the ending and how your legs were not broken! In front of a hospital? Thank God. I too remember CB handles and cameras with film and flash bulbs!!!!

  7. Hazel Moon

    What an adorable story and I loved the way you told it. I had to chuckle almost at each paragraph. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

  8. Lisa notes...

    I remember the days of film in cameras and having to take it to the store and the anticipation of waiting several days to finally get your pictures back, some good and some awful. ha. I have to say I love digital pictures now! Cute story, Nannette.

  9. Nancy Warkentin

    Cute story Nannette. Loved having a peek back in the day…….

  10. messymarriage

    Wish we’d have known that Doug was a photographer. Gary was a photographer in the Air Force and I’m sure he would’ve loved to talk shop! But what a harrowing story–about your car wreck, Nannette! I’m glad you weren’t hurt any worse than you were. And yes, I bet that new tooth is a constant reminder to you of that day. But I’m so glad Doug finally believed you (and the nurse) and came to your side! Sometimes conscientiousness can be a curse! Lol! Thanks for the peek into your past. 🙂

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