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So excited to introduce a great family book to you! Daniel J. Koren is the author of Devotions with Dad, an entire year of weekly devotional stories for dads to read WITH their children.




Ready to grow wisdom and godly character in your family?

Here’s a power tool for dads to reshape their families and not let them splinter out of shape. This book contains stories for dads to read to their children and motivational thoughts for dads to stay on track.

Smooth out relationships in your home and get younger members of your family thinking about ethical and moral choices they must make as they hear stories about children just like them.

Hammer home God’s principles for life with discussion questions.
Raise up young people with a fine finish as they grow in understanding and apply God’s Word.
Let this year-full of weekly devotions draw your family closer to one another and to the Lord, too.

“My dad made a profound difference in my life. Not only did he provide for his family’s physical needs, but he led us spiritually. My teen years could have been much worse if my dad had not been there setting an example with his consistent prayer life. I remember lining up together on the couch as a family, reading out of that fat, paper-back Bible he used, and discussing what we read. God was not just added into our lives; He WAS our lives.  ~ Daniel J. Koren

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We are giving away one autographed copy of Devotions with Dad! You can earn several chances to win today so take advantage of the free and easy entries. Be sure and visit Daniel’s website and get to know this man who works tirelessly to raise a godly family and help others do the same.

danielI am a father of six (so far) and husband of one (it works better that way). I was home-schooled (yes, that’s legal) and raised in a minister’s home (yes, that’s survivable). With a degree in Creative Writing (and an obvious love for parentheses). I freelance as professional writer and am a best-selling author. As a full-time minister and Bible teacher, I have recently completed my Masters in Theological Studies at UGST.

My wife, Leanne, works miracles in the kitchen, and is my best friend (not just because of the food). She grew up in New Hampshire; I grew up (not really) in Minnesota. We met while I was twelve, but due to marriage laws and over-protective parents, we had to wait a while before we were married. She works full-time homeschooling our children and serving me breakfast in bed (one part of that sentence wasn’t true).

As an average, American dad, I know the challenges we dads face to be consistent, relevant, and impacting in our homes. God called me to write when I was sixteen (no that wasn’t last week). Fatherhood has been one of my longest consecutive pursuits. I began Devotions with Dad after telling “Rusty Stories” to my kids for many years.

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When God isn’t pleased with sharing…

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Today’s is a tough subject and I am preaching to ME! You all are welcome to listen in…

This isn’t just about gossip, although gossip is a huge problem.

This isn’t just about talking behind our brother or sister’s back, but that is wrong too. We all are guilty.

I’m not just touching on the subject of “Oh, let me tell you about ‘Jim and Judy’ so you can ‘pray’ for them…”, when the time spent telling the prayer request could have been spent actually praying. Ouch.

yellow wet autumn leaves on the background a dark old wood

 But I have been convicted over the time I have spent talking about needs or faults, and that time gets carried away and turns into counseling sessions where we think we can solve the other person’s problems…and they aren’t even there to benefit from our newly discovered knowledge.

The Lord reminded me of several things on the subject: “Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.” 1 Corinthians 10:12 NKJV. Meaning it could very easily be ME that needs the help the next time. It could be ME that my friends are talking about next week. Take heed! Be careful who you are talking about this week…or as the saying goes that we see so much of lately…

And this gem:

“Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:5,6 NKJV.

Your gentleness. That seems Christ-like.


He would show mercy. He wouldn’t run and tell others. He would go straight to the one with the NEED. The one who had the problem. He would offer a helping hand.

Show them your gentleness. What can we DO for them? We can pray, make our requests known to God. Show them kindness, love and extend mercy. And if appropriate and necessary, go a step further. Do they need assistance? Do they need physical substance? If the need is obvious, fill it! If you aren’t sure, listen and let God tell you what to do.

The more I pray for the needs, quirks, and even sins, of my family, friends, co-workers and brothers and sisters in Christ, the less time I will have to pry and gossip.

I think HE will be more pleased with ME.

Be blessed.



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Do we DARE?

Today’s word prompt from Kate Motaung is DARE. Join us for #FiveMinuteFriday every week when we write for the love of writing. No extreme editing, no over-thinking.


Step out of the boat, Peter. Just put one foot over the side and you are halfway there. See? You are standing on the water! You can’t believe it is happening but here you are. The Master stands across the sea beckoning you to come. “Do not be afraid!” He calls. He invites you to come.

Taking the first step was amazing. The second? Unbelievable. I am walking on water!

But then? That old familiar feeling of doubt in our human abilities crept in and Peter began to sink.

Peter believed enough to get out of the boat but his faith wavered in the water.

We face so many challenges and difficulties in this journey called LIFE. Some are big, some not so much, but each one is monstrous in our eyes. It is OUR challenge, OUR trial.


Do we dare take the risk when God is doing the nudging? Can we trust in the One who knows all things, sees all things, and created all things? Even us?

Do we dare to get out of the comfort zone and take a giant leap of faith knowing God’s in control?

Or will we remain glued to what we know best and never experience what Peter did when he took the couple of steps…literally walking on water!

So many heroes of faith DARED. Many of them gave their lives because they dared to be different, took risks and scaled the highest of mountains. They made a difference, some even turned their entire cities upside down.

What has God been nudging you to do? Have you been asking yourself the question, “Do I dare? Do I step out and trust God or do I stay where I am, always wondering about what could have been?”

Friend, the rewards are greater than the fear. Greater than the apprehension and the knot in your stomach. Do not worry about others…there will always be doubters and as one of My Three Sons says, “Haters gonna hate.”

THEY do not matter! But you do, and what you do for the Kingdom matters. You can be a trailblazer, one that sets your city, your world, on fire for God or you can stick with the status quo and never know whether you would have changed the course of history or saved one soul from eternity without God.

So, do you dare?



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