When saying “Yes” just might change your life

#FiveMinuteFriday, friends! Today’s word prompt is YES. I want to introduce you to a friend that said those words and they have not just changed her life but also those around her. Be blessed!

When saying “Yes” just might change your life!

I have a friend. A very good friend.

This friend was doing great things for God. A pastor’s wife and mother, she was fulfilling the call of God in her life, content with her place in the background…serving.

She wasn’t one to jump out of her comfort zone. She didn’t like to travel, avoided airplanes like the plague and preferred to stay home, at her own church, behind the piano or teaching Sunday School.

Then God called. Much like young Samuel, she thought He surely didn’t mean her. (You can read Samuel’s story here!) God wanted her to come out of that comfort zone for a bigger purpose, to touch even more lives, to reach out further than she thought she ever could.

He wanted her to go to the orphanages of Haiti.

Haiti! Her husband had already been and she was content to help pack his bags and pray over him while he was gone. But go with him? To a third-world country? Get dirty and love on children that she didn’t even know?

Not me, Lord. I just cannot. It’s great for others, I will pray for them, I will give, I will do anything but GO.

God wasn’t asking this couple to give up their church permanently, He wanted them to bring blessing, to uplift the missionaries and encourage the entire village just by saying, “Yes.”

She went the first time. Hesitant, nervous and down-right scared to death but she went.

She has been going back several times a year for the last three years.

She has a special focus for each of her journeys, whether it is building a new kitchen and pantry, bringing shoes, food, clothing, whatever the need is at the time, she will begin a campaign in her hometown and on social media to get others involved in the giving. Her own small town has caught the vision and many participate to help her with her projects, as she calls them.

Her heart is with the children. Their church’s motto is LOVE, LIVE, SERVE! (appropriately!)

So many have been displaced because of the last devastating earthquake and have been left without a family. The need is great. Her pictures tell it all. She is still a great pastor’s wife. She still teaches Sunday School. She still can sing and play like nobody’s business and bring the house down. But she has found her calling; God has opened up a whole new world to her in a place that many would refuse to go. She said, “Yes, Lord” and it literally changed her life, her family’s, her church and her community!

Their ministry to children is not limited to Haiti. They bring them in by the bus, van and car-loads to church every week. And during the weekdays? You can find my friend packing lunches and taking them to neighborhoods where the kids might not get something decent to eat. But she doesn’t just drop them off and run. Many times she stays and eats with the kids, forming bonds that just cannot be broken.

In a few weeks I will board a plane with this lady I have called “friend” for over 20 years. She wants me to meet her kids and see this place that means so much to her. I have been overseas many times but never to a third-world country, that’s what I thought Haiti was. But as you will see in the video below, Haiti is actually considered a FIFTH-world country. This is definitely out of my comfort zone and even though I am a little nervous I said, “Yes” because we only live once and it is a short time we have here on this earth to make a difference and to be a blessing. I have a feeling I will be the one blessed by these precious people and the children who just want to be loved.

It might not be an overseas mission; it could be your neighbor that He has been nudging you to speak to, a friend, co-worker, even a family member that is hungry for God even if you think that is not possible.  God could be working in their hearts and is wanting you to be the one to bring His message of Hope. Whatever it is He is calling you to, saying “yes” will forever change your life and open up even more opportunities to be used of God.

Just ask my friend, Bonnie.

bonnie and david 2

bonnie and david 3


bonnie and david 1

when saying yes just might change your life

Enjoy this amazing video of David and Bonnie Beecham, The Brian’s (Missionaries to Haiti) and those that have caught the vision. (If you want to help Love Live Serve, contact me ynannette@gmail.com and I will get you connected.)



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13 thoughts on “When saying “Yes” just might change your life

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  2. Pamela

    What a beautiful story! I’ve experienced the yes that changed my life. It brought such joy in the midst of things that could be classified as drudgery. But isn’t that what life is all about? Working hard in saying our holy yes. So excited you get to go, too!
    Pamela recently posted…The Chaos of LifeMy Profile

  3. beth willis miller

    Great post! So encouraging to hear about your upcoming trip to Haiti with your friend, and the power of saying Yes! Many blessings to you and your friend as you travel there and back!
    beth willis miller recently posted…trust beyond measureMy Profile

  4. Mary Dolan Flaherty

    All those beautiful smiling faces. I love the one where they’re each hugging a child. It shows how moved her heart was, and moved mine. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to live in an orphanage. Even if the children are treated well, the need for human touch and the need for nurturing can never be met the way it should be. God bless you and thank you for posting this. Safe journey, and may your heart be moved and blessed.
    Mary Dolan Flaherty recently posted…5 Ways to Turn Your “I Can’t” Into “I Can”My Profile

  5. Hazel I Moon

    What a wonderful ministry to plan mission trips with a purpose each time. Her joy and enthusiasm has affected her entire church too. Thanks for sharing this amazing story with us here at Tell me a Story.
    Hazel I Moon recently posted…Fallow GroundMy Profile

  6. Rebecca

    Such a great post on giving our lives away. I’m reminded of the words of Jesus saying –
    “He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it.” (Matt. 10:39) ” Many prayers for you and your friend as you travel to Haiti. May you fill the lives of those children with God’s love. Blessings.

  7. Mary Geisen

    Wow! Your friend said “yes” and meant it. It makes me think how many times we say “yes” but our heart is not in it. I will be praying for you as you travel with your friend to Haiti. What an amazing adventure it will be. Blessings on your journey and I can’t wait to read about it.
    Mary Geisen recently posted…Rhythm of Well-Being… Weekend WhispersMy Profile

  8. Bev Duncan @ Walking Well With God

    I LOVE the picture on the motorcycle!! My daughter said “Yes” to going to work with children in Haiti and in Kenya. Her heart has been forever broadened and changed. I’ve said “Yes” to a Christian School for orphans in Pakistan and my life hasn’t been the same since. It’s amazing what can happen when we dare to step outside our comfort zone. Thanks for sharing your and your friend’s experiences!! Glad to be linked up next to you 🙂
    Bev Duncan @ Walking Well With God recently posted…Struggle With Pride? Who Me?My Profile

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