While it was still dark…

While it was still dark… Mornings. You either love them or hate them. I am a lover of mornings and I will now gladly list some of the awesome things I enjoy about being up early in the morning. (For clarification, getting up sometime before noon is not early morning, ahem. Just sayin’.) I’m talking EARLY, anywhere from 4 to 6 a.m.

  • Coffee. No need to add anything here. Enough said.
  • The quiet. There is no one to bother you, no as-soon-as-I-rise-my-mouth-goes-96-miles-per-hour-with-incessant-questions in your ear. Just you and the quiet. And Jesus.
  • Sunrise. This has to be one of the most amazing pictures God paints for us every single morning. Naturally, sunSET is just as spectacular but with the sunrise it seems it is just you and God, enjoying it together.
  • Morning prayer. Early morning prayer. I am not one that thinks you can only pray early in the morning. Sometimes I might as well have waited until the afternoon because my eyelids won’t stay open and I am so sleepy it is anybody’s guess what I actually said to the Savior. Thankfully, He understands. But when I push through, there is nothing like starting your day with the Lord of the universe! It makes all the difference in the world. Before social media, before email, before television, the newspaper or even others if it is possible, give me Jesus because the chances of me getting the time later, or taking the time, are slim at best.
  • Grocery shopping. Say what?! I am ever-so-grateful for 24 hour grocery stores. There is NO ONE there shopping at 6 a.m. I love that part. The drawback? There are also NO cashiers available, so if you have a full cart and $176 worth of groceries? You are going to be scanning those items one at a time at the self-checkout. Very frustrating but that could be an entire post by itself. I suggest going by Starbucks first and taking your coffee in with you for an extra treat. (I digress again, but did you know that some of the stores that have a Starbucks inside now have CUP HOLDERS for your grocery cart?!! What a great country!)
  • Walking. This used to be my absolute favorite activity before the sun would rise. I would slip on those walking shoes and be out that door while the family was still relishing the last few minutes before the alarm would go off. Meeting my SIL at the end of the driveway, we would start our 3 mile trek, waking up the body as we went. Now, with spinal stenosis, bulging discs, sciatica and degenerative SI disease, walking is not in my daily routine. I miss it terribly.

I can seriously go on and on about the benefits of being up in the early morning hours but you get the picture. I am afraid if I don’t get up early I will miss something! Mary Magdelene thought that too. Now on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene went to the tomb early, while it was still dark, and saw that the stone had been taken away from the tomb. John  20:1 NKJV.

The Bible says she got there while it was still dark. Mary was an early morning person too and today was no exception. She was rewarded with being one of the very first to witness the empty tomb! She ran to tell Peter and the others and the Lord even appeared to her to confirm His resurrection.

Can you imagine being in Mary’s shoes? Seeing the empty tomb, the angel and knowing that your wildest dreams had actually come true? The Savior, the Messiah, did exactly what He said He would do and you were among the first to witness it?

As exciting as that was, it didn’t end there. Jesus still makes Himself available to US every single day, every single moment. He died on that cross for each of us and He rose again that third day so that we could also overcome death, hell and the grave.

The book of Lamentations tells us that the Lord’s mercies are new EVERY MORNING. We have another chance, all things are new! That blesses me every time to think I have a clean slate and when that sun begins to rise I can make it great (as my brother always says) or I can waste it.

Let us resolve, in these last days, to be like Mary Magdalene, not necessarily that we have to be up before dawn but that we be expectant, eager, anticipating what God has for us and for those around us. If we have spent time at His feet we will be able to hear His voice, as Mary did, and have a purpose to GO and tell others that He is alive!

Have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday with your family and friends. May you worship our Risen Savior with reckless abandon and humble adoration. He is coming again!

For the kingdom


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12 thoughts on “While it was still dark…

  1. Tammy

    oh what a joy to read your list of reasons to be up! I savor the quiet as well. But when it’s not light out, I admit that mornings are much more of a challenge. I’m sorry to be so late coming over to thank you for visiting me, but I thank you all the same for taking time to read and comment!! May God relieve your sciatia one day at a time. During pregnancy I encountered great pain in that area, I cannot imagine a long-term diagnosis. So thankful that you have joy and praise on your lips in spite of it!!
    (#56 on “morning”)

    1. Nannette Post author

      Thank you so much for visiting Tammy. I have been so behind in reading others posts for weeks now and keep trying to do better. I am always blessed by the words of others! thank you for prayers ♥

  2. Sharon

    Loved this one! I am not by nature a morning person. But I’m not nearly as crabby as I used to be! One of my very favorite things to do in the morning is fix my Iced Chai Tea Latte. I love getting it from Starbuck’s, but we don’t have any chain establishments of any sort here in my mountain town. So, a while back I googled how to make my own. I actually like my version better!

    I usually start my day around 8 – 8:30. And it’s nice and quiet up here. Sometimes I am met first thing with anxiety. That I don’t like. But, I remind myself that the One who loves me never slumbers nor sleeps, and constantly has His eye on me. And just as He was with me during the night, He’s still there when I start my day.


    1. Nannette Post author

      Yes He is,Sharon! He is always with you and meets you there in your mountain morning. Praying your anxiety would cease and you would rest in the comfort of knowing the God who created the universe is walking right beside you. Christ IN you, hope of glory! ♥

  3. Christine Malkemes

    There you are my sweet friend. Found you commenting at another blog and just had to pop over and see how you’re doing – you and your sweet heart. lol You are always a blessing. and (oh by the way) I LOVE THE MORNINGS too…haaaaa Your Chris…..

    1. Nannette Post author

      Oh, Chris, I am so far behind in making my visits lately. Your comment has blessed me today. Thank you for visiting and your encouraging words. It is 5:30 a.m. right now, lol, enjoying my coffee and taking my devotions through the words of others. ♥

  4. Joanne Viola

    I’m back 🙂 I had to tell you – we were neighbors at #FMF BUT I first came to read this post due to FB. This was a post I was meant to read today 🙂 Blessings!
    Joanne Viola recently posted…MorningMy Profile

    1. Nannette Post author

      I am on my way to physical therapy for my crazy sciatica but will be reading and catching up on posts today. I am so far behind 🙁 Thank you for coming back again, lol. Love to you. ♥

  5. Joanne Viola

    Nannette, I loved this post! I am a morning person. Well, I became a morning person when I realized it was the only way I could raise children & do daycare for 6 families and everyone stay alive 🙂 Oh yeah, and plenty of coffee helped in those days too! Now they are all raised, I still wake early, drink even more coffee & love my time spent alone with Jesus. May God continue to meet with you each morning & bring healing to your back. Blessings & a {{hug}} this morning!

    1. Nannette Post author

      Me too, Joanne. I am reading and praying sometimes at 5, I know if I don’t then I won’t “fit” it in and I hate saying it like that. Mornings are the best!!

  6. GGMandy

    You have listed many of the things I miss. … being a morning person stuck in a family of night owls!

    1. Nannette Post author

      I used to be a night owl but had to get up early with the kids. Now that we are empty nesters 🙁 things have definitely changed. I might be in bed by 8:30 some nights! Hubby, unfortunately, is a night owl too. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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